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Common Name Bio (continued on main profile page) Lineage Last Updatedsort ascending
Andreas Rampf Andreas Rampf has been a Wing Tsun practitioner for 15 or so years, and can be reached on for more personal information. He... Read more (Ip Man) Leung Ting Nov 20, 2016
Pierre-Luc Morrissette Pierre-Luc have start karate in 1986, have found Wing Chun only in 2001, but never stopped since then. Got is black sash in 2006 under Michel Potvin... Read more (Ip Man) Ho Kam Ming Nov 20, 2016
Michel Potvin Practicing martial arts since 1970. Sifu in Wing Chun. also Shihan 5th dan in Jiu-Jitsu. After Michel got his black sash in Wing Chun under Terrence... Read more (Ip Man) Ho Kam Ming Nov 20, 2016
Kai Bremmekamp Kai Bremmekamp started training under Michael Kurth (student of Sifu Bayer) in Oct. 1998. He assisted in teaching the Polizeisportverein Bielefeld... Read more (Ip Man) Wong Shun Leung Nov 20, 2016
Sifu Wang Kiu, Dennis Wetter & Jerome Lam Jerome Lam Sifu Jerome Lam is a private and direct student of Sifu Wang Kiu. Together with Sifu Wang Kiu and Sifu Dennis Wetter he founded the Wang Kiu... Read more (Ip Man) Wang Kiu Nov 20, 2016
Bryan Talbot Influenced by the TV show “Kung Fu” with David Carradine, Sifu Talbot began training in Kung Fu in 1973 at the Inglewood YMCA. For the next... Read more (Ip Man) Ip Ching Nov 20, 2016
Si-Fu Leigh Duff Leigh Duff Si-Fu Leigh Duff has studied various Martial Arts styles for over 26 years including MMA, Brazilian Ju Jitsu, kickboxing, Muay Thai, Traditional... Read more (Ip Man) William Cheung Nov 20, 2016
Sifu Kwok Wai Jarm Kwok Wai Jarm Kwok Wai Jarm is the son of the late Grand Master Kwok Fu direct student of Yip Man. Sifu Kwok is carrying his father's teachings in China at the... Read more (Ip Man) Kwok Fu Nov 20, 2016
Gerald TUR I was born in 1974 in France. When I was 12 years year old, I started Shotokan Karate with a very special fighting Master, the training lasted 4... Read more (Ip Man) Other/Not Listed Nov 20, 2016
Sifu Tobias Kleinhans Tobias Kleinhans Started Martial Arts training at the age of 8. Judo, Karate, Kickboxing, Military Close Combat and in 2004 started with Wing Tsun in Germany under... Read more (Ip Man) Leung Ting Nov 20, 2016


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