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Sifu Lee Coleman

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I started to learn Wing Chun in Devon, UK in 1997 at the age of 27 under the instruction of Sifu Gary Sercombe who in turn was a student of Sifu Andy Holmes who himself was a student of Master Samuel Kwok.    I had already learnt how to use the popular weapon Nunchaku to a reasonably high standard and spent a few years studying Judo but it wasn't until I started Wing Chun that I really caught "the bug" for Kung Fu, as with most people of my age and indeed anyone that watches Martial Art movies will understand, Bruce Lee had a good deal to do with my interest to learn along with the Shaolin Monks, Jackie Chan, Jet Lee and other great fighters still being inspirational characters today.  

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Training initially twice a week, Wing Chun became more than an interest, I bought a 40ft shipping container and converted it to a gym with wooden dummy, kick bags, wall bags and a whole host of training equipment, my Sifu also used to use the gym so I got the benefit of extra lessons as well as an ideal training location where I trained up to 7 days a week for 3 years.   I moved to France in 2002 and unfortunately could not find any local clubs, although it is possible to train forms and techniques with the lack of training/sparring partners there is no doubt that my Wing Chun suffered, after much deliberation I decided to seek out my old Sifu but due to ill health he had stopped teaching so eventually I approached Grandmaster Kwok to ask if he would take over my training.   As any student will tell you it is difficult to find a good teacher, in fact it's as difficult for a good teacher to find a good student so I was so pleased when eventually Grandmaster Kwok accepted me as his student and disciple. Since being awarded the privelidged position as a certified instructor and although I am always and firstly a student, I have kindled a passion for spreading the art of Ip Man Wing Chun and hope to do justice to the position to which I have been appointed.    I make no false claims and do not consider myself to be one of the best martial artists in the world, I can only claim to enjoy what I do and take pleasure in showing others what I have learnt, any martial art principles can be understood in a relatively short period of time but applying them and mastering the skills can and do literally take a life time.   In addition to Wing Chun I am also practising Qigong/Chi Kung and have incorporated this practise into our regular classes, training both internal and external apsects of these traditional Chinese arts, I am grateful to all my friends and students who enable me to do what I enjoy doing on a diaily basis and welcome all newcomers.   I lost my job in May 2010 and have since dedicated my time to Wing Chun, I started Ip Man Wing Chun France to represent the Samuel Kwok Martial Arts Association and aim to build a sucessful and popular Martial Arts school. I attend regular seminars and travel to the UK for private sessions with Grandmaster Kwok. Training daily to master the arts I learn, meeting new students and making new aquaintences regularly I am fortunate to be able to improve my teaching techniques and hope to have the first French seminar in 2012 for Ip Man Wing Chun France.  

Born: May 11, 1970

Last updated: Nov 17, 2011

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