Sifu Jason Woodward

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Jason Woodward

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After training for many years Si-fu Jason felt so strongly about Wing Chun's effectivness he approched Master Joe on becoming an Instructor. This decision begun a 12 month full time student and intensive instructor program directly under Marter Joe's guidence. During this time Si-fu Jason has assisted Master Joe in work shops at high Schools as well as classes with the disabled. After this instructor program Si-fu Jason opened the Oakleigh academy and now conducts classes including kids, adults and cardio kung-fu.

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Si-fu Jason has taken these leadership skills and combined them with his desire to help and teach others the practice of Wing Chun Kung-Fu. Si-fu Jason says, "Anyone can do Wing Chun, a person's size or age makes no difference all that's needed is an openness to learn and a bit of discipline to practice. Wing Chun is great for the body, mind and spirit!

Last updated: Mar 25, 2012

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