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School Name Head Sifu Country State City Website Updated datesort ascending
Practical Wing Chun Connecticut Agostino DeSanti 狄山堤 United States Connecticut Monroe Jun 16, 2015
Innovative Wing Chun Armando Sainz United States North Carolina Franklin Innovative Wing Chun Jun 5, 2015
Roanoke Kung Fu -- Christiansburg Walter "Herbie" Holland United States Virginia Christiansburg Jun 1, 2015
Roanoke Kung Fu -- Floyd Walter "Herbie" Holland United States Virginia Floyd Roanoke Kung Fu -- Floyd Jun 1, 2015
Roanoke Kung Fu Academy Walter "Herbie" Holland United States Virginia Roanoke May 30, 2015
Dao Schule Tirol Günther Plank Austria Tirol Hall Dao Schule Tirol May 29, 2015
7 Star Wing Chun Kevin Reid United States Florida Jacksonville 7 Star Wing Chun logo May 26, 2015
Wing Chun Kuen Auckland Gray Gillespie New Zealand Auckland Auckland Wing Chun Kuen Auckland May 23, 2015
Bayou Wing Chun Yacine Bayou Australia Victoria Melbourne May 17, 2015
WING CHUN TEMPLE Clark Tang United States California Signal Hill WING CHUN TEMPLE Wong Long Wing Chun May 8, 2015