Wingchun Academy Association - Sweden

Wingchun Academy Association - Sweden

Head Instructor: Peter Yeung

Website: Wingchun Academy Association - Sweden

Phone: 46-85-853-3531

City: Stockholm Kista

State/Provience: ST

Country: SE

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WingChun KungFu/GongFu ( 詠春 功夫 ) is one of the most secret and effective Cantonese martial art from the Chinese Qing dynasty.

Our WingChun style belongs to the category of Traditional Soft WingChun and Internal Martial Art for health & anti-stress in combination of analytic/simulated mind, mindfulness, mind-power & attitude development.

Sine our WingChun system derives directly from our Grandmaster / Sifu. Ip Chun lineage in HongKong ( Grandmaster / Sifu. Ip Chun is the elder son of the well known legend Ip Man ),

We are currently the only and 1:st generation WingChun academy direct from Grandmaster / Sifu. Ip Chun here in Sweden, our Sifu is therefore also Ip Chun WingChun certified and registered instructor. We are therefore also applying the living WingChun concept for research and continues further improvements directly from HongKong.

Since we have a Chinese traditional approach, then we apply also the concept of family team here. We are also currently the only WingChun academy in Sweden with Chinese/Cantonese background instructors and education mainly in English.

Our unique developed concept is also cover collaborative educational approach adapted to today's busy life. The educational driven approach is to make you understand the system as a engineer rather than just a user of the system i.e. the background of the system design for combat strategy/theories in a complete concept than just training the system.