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Date: Mar 28, 2017
Dr Wilfred Lam Chin Ting( Ph.D, MBA, PGD, FChFP, PDMS, CCFP, EDAM, CMFA, MCAMA, EDFP, CFAI, CFAA ) Wing Chun Ng Wah Sum Academy Chairman Wing Chun Ng Wah Sum Academy Chief Instructor Ving Tsun Athletic Association Senior Kungfu Instructor Email: wilfredlam@rocketmail.com Mobile: (852) 9040 8886 As an energetic kid and an enthusiast about Chinese kungfu when he was young, Sifu Wilfred started learning Wing Chun together with Sihing Chow Kwok Chun in 1970 before Chow migrated to the United States. In 1994, Sifu Chow Kwok Chung together with his disciples came to Hong Kong and visited Grand Master Ng Wah Sum. Sifu Wilfred Lam caught the attention of Grand Master Ng, who was willing to teach all he had to Sifu Wilfred at no charge. The following year,Sifu Wilfred started to learn Wing Chun from Grand Master Ng in a facility in Yau Ma Tei in Kowloon, gaining all the technique from basic forms to knife and pole. Grand Master Ng had also awarded Sifu Wilfred with a valuable gift - two pairs of pole made of a rare and high quality of wood. In 2003, Sifu Wilfred Lam and Sifu Lam Kam Wing supported Grand Master Ng to teach Wing Chun in Ving Tsun Athletic Association. In 2004,Sifu Wilfred Lam accompanied Grand Master Ng to attend a Wing Chun kungfu seminar held by Sihing Chow Kwok Chun in New York. Since Grand Master Ng had no bias on any kind of kungfu, he introduced Sifu Wilfred to Taichi master Sin Man Ho to learn Ng's style Taichi kungfu.
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Date: May 18, 2016
Sifu Garry’s Blog Prevention against Cancer “Tense body, tense Psychology, tense Heart” “Prolonged excesses lead to malignancy’ The above cliques are probably the 2 most important comments to inspire an individual to make life style changes to avoid the onset of disease and sickness as we age. Tense Body, Mind and Heart. With today’s fast paced society, technology and quick fix solutions to today’s problems, our population are regressing further away from Nature than at any other time in our History. The more we walk and relax, the more we get outside and interact with Nature, the more Killer Cells the body produces to fight off Cancer cells from proliferating. As a consequence with Technology, people are becoming more aggressive, impatient, tense, unhappy and lazier. Having a tense body includes stress in the muscles, tendons, joints and bones. We must learn techniques to relax the muscles, tendons and bones. Remember, our blood and oxygen run through our muscles tendons and bones. If those areas are tense, then circulation will be impeded, leading to undernourishment of the cells, tissues and organs. Cancer Germs love a hot, sweaty, dark and angry environment to survive. A cancer cell cannot survive in a rich, happy, oxygenated environment. A cancer cell is anaerobic and a normal cell is aerobic in nature. To experience unimpeded circulation and to increase our circulation our bodies must be happy. The happier our body is, the more abundant blood and oxygen will be, and then the circulation will be unobstructed. Practising medical qigong can assist in eliminating tension from the body, mind and heart. The more we laugh, the happier the body, mind and heart will become. Laughing produces lymphocytes from the thymus gland, which is a very powerful hormone to fight against Cancer germs. To activate this hormone all we have to do is laugh. The happier our mind is, the clearer our mind becomes. The negative emotion of the Heart is sadness and sorrow, so we must fill our Heart with love and happiness. Children laugh over 400 times a day, while Adults only laugh up to 10 times a day. We must practise to be happy. It does not come naturally. Learning to smile makes the difference between spreading endorphins or toxins around the body. Our Internal Organs store negative emotions. Liver – anger Heart – sadness and sorrow Spleen – Pensiveness Lung – Grief Kidney – Fear and anxiety. As is evident, smiling and being happy can and will dispel and balance negative emotions and replace them with positive energy. Practise smiling. How? You must be aware of the state of your psychology all the time and adjust it accordingly. For example, I am driving on the freeway and due to concentrating too much, I notice I am frowning. I say to myself, “smile, smile” and “be happy” “you are going to have a good day today”. Use Positive affirmations. Be happy, uplift your spirit by donating to charity. Through breathings exercises, Medical Qigong training teaches you how to dispel toxins, tension and negative energy from the body and mind, stimulate circulation around the body, and maintain and increase the flexibility of the joints and muscles. A consistent routine of exercises will also keep toxins from proliferating by exercising the Lungs and dispelling “bad air” from the body, muscles, tendons and brain. Excesses lead to Malignancy Drink a bottle of Whiskey every day and you will probably die of Liver disease or Cancer. Eat excessive fatty foods and become Obese generally leads to Diabetes, high blood pressure and Heart disease. Overwork can also lead to excessive stress and then the family structure can break down, leading to arguments and disharmony. The destruction of one internal organ leads to the demise of another. Kidney promotes the Liver Liver promotes the Heart Heart promotes the Spleen Spleen promotes the Lung Lung promotes the Kidney We must learn to keep the energy of our Internal Organs happy, abundant and balanced. Colours of the Internal Organs Heart – Red Spleen – Yellow Lung – White Kidney – Black Liver – Green Incorporating the 5 colours of Nature into your cooking will help to nourish the Organs and create a happy environment. A breakdown of our DNA OR Damaged DNA in a Cell will lead to Cancer. We must eat a good balance of vegetables and protein and fibre. We must exercise our Lungs to change the air in our bodies. We must laugh a lot and not dwell. We must learn to “take time out” and relax or meditate. Stay happy, stay young at heart and do not get too serious about life. Attitude is as important as genetics to maintain a long, happy life with good quality of living. Stillness leads to stagnation. Movement is essential to life. sifu garrys facebook wall sifu lindas wing chun manual sifu lindas facebook wall sifu garry wing chun kung fu wing chun kung fu for children medical qigong sifu garry sifu linda sports coaching courses in melbourne
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Date: May 18, 2016

Help Kickstart the first Video Game to teach Wing Chun -

If you have not seen Kung-Fu Superstar, then click this link and checkout the trailer! It even includes some comments from Grandmaster William Cheung (around the 6 min mark). This is a XBox Kinect game that basically teaches you Wing Chun as you play. Very cool.

Right now the guys making the game need to raise £200,000 in 1 month to get this game funded – otherwise it will be shelved… and we definitely don’t want that. Please follow the link and check the game out – if you feel it is worth getting made, then please pledge some support.

Here is the official press release:

[This unedited press release is made available courtesy of Gamasutra and its partnership with notable game PR-related resource GamesPress.]

Oct 31, 2012 (Guildford, UK) —Kinesthetic Games is to take their innovative fighting game, Kung Fu Superstar™, to Kickstarter, as the platform opens its doors to UK based projects .

After an announcement that turned heads across the games, movies and martial arts worlds back in May 2012, the team at Kinesthetic are now taking their ground breaking “martial arts stuntman simulator” to the world’s most popular crowd funding platform. With exciting new gameplay footage and previously unannounced details on the game, their Kickstarter pitch video aims to give fans of fighting games the ultimate experience they’ve long been waiting for. Aptly, as the game tackles core themes from games, movies and martial arts, key people from these worlds share their thoughts on the project in the video

22Cans Creative Director Peter Molyneux , shares his thoughts on the exciting beginnings of the project and the pedigree of the team behind it.

Martial Arts Stuntman and Fight Choreographer, John Kreng, shares his excitement about a game that lets you live your Kung Fu movie fantasies in the most accurate, fun and immersive of ways.

While long time training partner and friend of Bruce Lee and student of legendary Kung Fu Grandmaster Ip Man , Grandmaster William Cheung , talks about how the benefits of playing a game like Kung Fu Superstar™ reach far beyond just entertainment.

Announcing the launch of the Kickstarter campaign for Kung Fu Superstar Game Director, Kostas Zarifis said: “We are building Kung Fu Superstar to be the most innovative fighting game you’ve ever played. The Kickstarter model and the direct way in which it connects creators with their audience comes as a very welcome alternative to the standard way of taking projects off the ground, especially for radical projects like ours. We are continuously pouring a lot of love and hard work into this project and while the process of putting it out there for people to effectively judge it with their money is a stressful and somewhat scary one, ultimately we’re very excited to be doing it and optimisti c that the results of our work and the ambition of our vision will resonate with the community.”

As the Kickstarter campaign for Kung Fu Superstar™ kicks off to a spectacular start, the team at Kinesthetic Games promise that this is only the first of 30 days that hold a lot of exciting surprises!

For the Pitch Video and details on the campaign, please visit the project’s Kickstarter page at: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/kostaszarifis/kung-fu-superstar-become-the-ultimate-martial-arts

About Kung Fu Superstar™: Kung Fu Superstar™ is the world’s first motion control enabled action game, where the fighting employs real martial arts techniques. Players will relive the epic journey of Danny Cheng, a young aspiring martial artist, as he rises through the ranks of international fame and stardom. Aided by his trusted Sifu, Danny will discover the secrets of Kung Fu and become the most popular martial arts stuntman Hollywood has ever known.

In a ground-breaking rethink of fighting games, players will use their full body or a controller to learn authentic martial arts techniques and level up Danny’s fighting abilities, as they improve their own knowledge of Kung Fu. Players then put their skills to the test on the movie set, where Danny takes part in dramatic fight choreographies and performs in explosive action sequences. With multiple movie sets and plots to explore, colourful characters to be met along the way, Danny’s own overarching storyline, as well as a platform for learning real martial arts in a fun and engaging way, Kung Fu Superstar™ will open up a world of possibilities to players of every background.

For more information on the game, including the Kickstarter pitch video and announcement trailer, please visit the official site athttp://www.kungfusuperstar.com


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Date: May 18, 2016

Everybody Wing Chun Tonight Photo Contest -

Do you ever think about collecting new Wing Chun gear or DVDs but don’t currently have the funds to do so?  Worry no more, Wing Chun fans.

Our latest contest, “Everybody Wing Chun Tonight”, allows you to show off your love and passion for martial arts and gives you the opportunity to win $100 to EverythingWingChun.com!

Everybody Wing Chun Tonight is a photo contest on the official Everything Wing Chun Facebook page.  All you have to do is:

  • “LIKE” EWC’s Facebook page AND
  • Upload a picture of YOU practicing martial arts!

No matter what form of martial arts you practice, you can enter just by uploading your picture of you in action. If you don’t yet train in Wing Chun this can be a great way for you to check out this awesome style risk free!

How is the winner determined?  The winner of our contest is not judged by us – it’s 100% based on public voting.  This means you can get your friends to vote for your picture!  On November 15th, 2012 the person with the most votes for his or her picture will be granted a $100 gift card to Everything Wing Chun!

Let’s get real – who couldn’t use new equipment, DVDs and other Wing Chun items?

Be proud of your martial art and enter our contest by CLICKING HERE!

Good luck!

Want more information about Everything Wing Chun updates, discounts and more?  Make sure to follow us on our official Facebook and official Twitter pages!

PS. You have to enter on a PC or Mac – mobile devices do not work for uploading photos.

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Date: May 18, 2016

New Unique Wing Chun Wall Bags and Iron Palm Bag -

Everything Wing Chun recently released their latest line of wall bags (sand bags), and introduced their first Iron Palm bag (with leather or synthetic leather striking surface), which is getting rave reviews!

Check out these unique bags: Head Bag, Skinny Bag, Chin Bag, Cut Diamond, and 5-section wall bag.

We also released some new 1-section bags, including an all black bag. The 3-section bags also got updated.

There are now a lot of options to choose from – all of them are great, so if you have trouble picking one just email us for advice!

Here are a just a few of the new unique Everything Wing Chun Ultimate wall bags:

Iron Palm – This bag is 12×14 in and can be struck on both sides.  The double layered striking surface, zipper flap, and heavy duty canvas will guarantee it lasts you a long time! The bag is made for use on a flat surface and does not have rings to hang by (or get in the way of your iron palm training!)

Cut Diamond, Head Bag, Skinny Bag – These 3 bags were all made to be hung from 1 D-ring instead of multiple rings.  They are great for people on the go or who want the bag to hang on a single post or small area.  The Skinny bag, for example, works awesomely on a standard 4×4 post – like the one on a dummy floor stand or a porch. The skinny bag is also great to use on the sides of a striking station. The extra length gives you a lot more room to play with.  The Head Bag, which was designed to be more like a human head, is really fun to use and the slight roundness and chin angles make it our current favorite to hit!  The Cut Diamond is just an overall good bag.  It is about the perfect size to take with you on a trip, yet holds enough filling to help you develop a really strong punch.

The Chin Bag – This is a popular choice as it is essentially just like our famous square wall bag with a “chin” area on the bottom to compress the sand and give you some angles to work with. It also has 2 tie-down grommets.

The 5-Section Bag – This bag is based on an idea by Andyz at Cranes, who wanted to print a person on it. The 5 sections are great for schools where both adults and kids train and/or where kicks as well as punches are trained on bags. About 5 feet long, it allows one to train strikes at any level.  Careful, though, it can get quite heavy when filled.

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Date: May 18, 2016

Sifu Taner and Sifu Graziano’s New Chi Sao DVDs & Siu Nim Tao -

Sifu Taner and Sifu Graziano have released the following DVDs:

(digital versions here)

These DVDs take you through the Leung Ting lineage chi sao sections and Siu Nim Tao!

Siu Nim Tao

Master Graziano will show you in this DVD:

- Complete Siu Nim Tao Form
- Bodyconcepts
- All principles and mottos
- Centerlinetheorie
- All movements in detail
….and much more

Chi Sao section 6

Master Taner Erdogan and Master Graziano Di Giorgio will show you in this DVD:

- Complete 6th Chi Sao section
- How to use the “Don-Faak-Sao” in a right way
- Faak-Sao drill with bodymotion
- How to use your shoulder as a attack
- All movements in detail…
and much more

Chi Sao section 7

Master Taner Erdogan and Master Graziano Di Giorgio will show you in this DVD:

- Complete 7th Chi Sao Section
- Learn the “Force Section”
- Learn the “hidden” and real 7th Chi Sao section
- How to use the Huen-Sao in a right way
- All movements, like Tok-Sao, Jat-Sao, Jum-Sao….. in detail
and much more.

Chi Sao sections 4 & 5

Master Taner Erdogan and Master Graziano Di Giorgio will show you in this DVD:

- Complete 4th and 5th Chi Sao section
- Learn the footwork and the Phoenix-punch
- How to close the distance i a right way
- Bodywork together with steps
- All movements in detail…
and much more.

Check them out today!

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Date: May 18, 2016

Sifu Fernandez’s New Grading Videos on EWC Instant Access! -

Fighterman Sifu Fernandez has released a complete package of high quality videos for all people wanting to learn real world self defense.  These videos are unique as they are the standards used in all the schools of WingTchunDo throughout the world.

They have long valued content each video surpassing from 1 hour 15 minutes to 1 hour and 40 minutes.

Grades 1-5 are all priced at a low affordable price and is guaranteed to help you improve your Wing Chun skills in any context.

Master Fernandez is celebrating 40 years in his martial arts journey beginning in September of 1972 shortly before the passing of the great legend great Grandmaster Yip Man. He has many years of hands on experience and always promises maximum results and giving you good honest realistic information.

View them on Everything Wing Chun Instant Access now!

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Date: May 20, 2012
Sifu Garry's Blog My Life with the Cheung Brothers My life with the Cheung Brothers started in January 1986. The attraction that William was a personal friend of Bruce Lee meant I would get as close to Bruce without actually meeting him. If Bruce hadn’t died, I think I would have met him personally. During my initial years I would ask William a lot about his life in Hong Kong and with Bruce. The first 3 years of training was fantastic. Half the week we would have William teaching and the other half of the week we would have his Brother David teaching classes. David was the chief Instructor for the fighting team, the dragon boat racing team, and for the demonstration team. He was an invaluable asset for William Cheung. William told me one day that Bruce and he created the one inch punch tool to develop short range power. He told us how he used to go to Bruce’s after his training with Yip Man, to keep Bruce in touch with wing chun kung fu. Bruce Lee was actually half German, so the Chinese student black banned him from their school in Hong Kong. They were extremely jealous of Bruce Lee. In 1990 I was invited into the senior ranks. We were privy to train privately with William Cheung on Friday nights at his Dandenong school. This was a free charge so I took full advantage of this time. Eventually, I joined the demonstration team and we performed at many venues around Melbourne. In 1989, William and David had an enormous verbal argument during the 3pm class, resulting in David leaving the Association and branching out on his own. I was there on that day and it was very sad to see David walk out and never return. I decided I wanted to train with David but still be part of William’s association. What a dilemma! By mid 1992, William had found out that I was secretly training with his brother, so he said; “You cannot teach for me and train with my brother”. So, I had to decide my future there and then! To think, two of the world’s foremost wing chun master, both living in Melbourne, but totally incompatible in the same room. What a shame and what a waste! As it turned out I chose to finish my training with David Cheung and have never regretted my decision. In 1995, there was a challenge issued by the Cheung brothers on each other, which culminated at the 1995 kung fu championships at the YWCA in Melbourne. By then, things had calmed down a bit, but David was still looking forward to establish himself at the tournament. He issued a challenge to everybody at the venue to come and do chi sao with him. Everyone declined his invitation, so he sought me out and used me as a guinea pig in front of his brother. It was a great experience performing chi sao with David, which I did many times over the years, at public venues. During the last 4 years of my full time training, I was the captain of the demo team and Chinese lion dance team. We made a name for ourselves doing lion dance and demonstrations in Melbourne, around Chinese New Year celebrations. After training Shaoiln Hard Qigong with our Qigong Master, we performed many hard qigong demonstration breaking bricks and having slabs and bricks broken over us. Lying on a bed of nails and having concrete smashed over us was also one of our feats. William was privy to a different style of wing chun while he was training under Yip Man. This system is the Leung Bik/Yip Man system, classified in Foshan today as the, “true attack fighting system of wing chun kung fu” There have been many controversial debates regarding these assertions made by William. I do know categorically that Leung Bik did really exist and that Yip Man did meet Leung Bik in Hong Kong while he was studying English. The Cheung name is synonymous with wing chun kung fu around the World. In the 50’s, William was called “big boy” during his Hong Kong years as he was 6ft 1” in the old scale. He was very big, for a Chinese male. David Cheung on the other hand was only 5ft 6” – a lot smaller than William, therefore David’s wing chun was more dynamic and more manipulative, due to his size. In 1981, William invited his brother David to come to Melbourne and learn his system of wing chun kung fu. David had trained with Wong Shun Leung for the past 10 years, so you could imagine Wong’s sentiment when David left Hong Kong to go to Australia and learn William's style of wing chun kung fu.
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Date: May 20, 2012
Sifu Garry's Blog First trip to China "Roots of Wing Chun" In 2006 I decided to organise a “roots of wing chun” china trip with the students from Jee Shin wing chun academy. In Australia, there is a lot of politics regarding wing chun kung fu. My wing chun lineage was in question and one of my sifus credibility was also in question with innuendos being cast about his history and credibility. Over the years other wing chun masters around the World have publicly criticized his lineage and stories. Once I branched out on my own, I deliberated for at least 10 years before I decided to do something about it. I wanted to know the truth, first hand. My own history and lineage were at stake, now. How would I start this project? I decided to spend some time researching wing chun in china over the net and after a month or so I had accumulated a lot of information I deemed necessary for a successful trip. Low and behold! My PC crashed and I lost all my data on China and wing chun, so I had to start again. Would you believe; this time I found more pertinent information on wing chun in china and even came across some contacts in Hong Kong and China whom could assist me with an itinerary to travel around china and visit certain wing chun schools with notable lineages dating back to the Red Boats. The Red Boat Opera Troupe were secretly known as "Ming Rebels". During the day they would act as Opera performers and at night would become "wing chun assassins". Contemporary wing chun around the world can attribute their lineages back to the Red Boats. Dr. Leung Jan was a 1st generation student of the Red Boats, taught by Leung Yi Tai and Wong Wah Bo. WOW! How lucky was I? Indeed, I felt comfortable that the trip was going to be even better than what I had envisaged. I had established contacts in Hong Kong whom would take us into China, organise all the accommodation and transport, as well as take us to at least 6 wing chun kung fu schools around southern China, including visiting Chan Wah Shun’s ancestral graveyard in Shunde and the Yip Man Tong in Foshan. I couldn’t wait! The time had arrived to travel to China. I was so excited. In Australia, I have read numerous stories and come across many rumours and innuendos regarding wing chun kung fu. I needed to find out for myself, the real truth and history of wing chun kung fu. What better way would there be? Just travel to the homeland of wing chun kung fu and martial arts. I needed to know about the history of wing chun from the red boats to Leung Jan to contemporary times. Unknown to me at the time, it would take another 6 trips to China to start to get the full picture and stories behind this magnificent martial art. But, that is another Story!
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Date: May 17, 2012
Sifu Garry's Blog Why I started Martial Arts I used to hang around Regent on weekends with a group of school friends. We were always mucking around and challenging each other with various sports, including 8 ball and sparring. At the end of Frankston St, there was a boxing gym, so I was always hanging around there, as well. I had my first challenge at the age of 12 years old. Believe it or not, I had to fight this guy in our group with one hand tied behind my back. I am not sure why I was only allowed to use one hand, he was bigger than me. I think he was jealous because everyone turned to me for things to do. We did fight and I did beat him, but, I kept it friendly, so nobody got hurt. I realized that day that I had untapped skills in that area of sport, so I decided to train in some form of martial arts. In the early sixties, there was not much to select from. I started training Ju-jitsu and Korean karate at a Regent Hall, near regent railway station, in the early sixties, which lasted for 3 years, on a weekly basis. As I grew a bit older, I realized that having a European back ground was a vast disadvantage when it came down to racial discrimination in schools. There was a lot of bullying around at school, but not too many people picked on me. On my first week at my new high school I had a confrontation with the “school bully” and taught him a lesson about respect and courtesy. My martial arts experience certainly helped me out during the sixties. In the late sixties and early seventies, The Bruce Lee phenomenon was taking place, so I indulged myself in that hysteria with books and movies about Bruce Lee. During the seventies, there was no Wing Chun (bruce lee kung fu), so I practised several different martial arts, being, Goju Kai, JKA, Escrima and some Taekwondo. I also got involved with the underground bare knuckles fighting scene, which saw me undefeated during the seventies. I also got into trouble with the local Constabulary for fighting and more fighting. At the start of the 1980’s, I started the first motorcycle courier business in Victoria, so work was a priority at this stage of my life. In the eighties, the environment was very dynamic. Everyone had jobs and money. I spent 3 months overseas and on my return I decided that I wanted to find a wing chun school and train. I realized that I had an untapped martial skill just waiting to be cultivated. In 1985 I found a wing chun school in China Town, owned by William Cheung and run by his brother David. The school had a martial arts supplies retail shop, which I went to check out. While there, I spoke to David and asked him several questions about the school and himself. David’s replies were very short and terse, but he left an impression which was the catalyst behind me starting there. After some deliberation and the passing of Xmas, I commenced the next stage of my life by training wing chun kung fu several nights per week. In 1989, I found my training was lacking something, but I wasn’t sure what it was, so I decided to embark on a trip to China. It was my fate not to go as I could not leave the country due to the Tiananmen Sq massacre. By 1990, I had immersed myself completely in wing chun kung fu, training full time. I would leave work at 11.30am and return at 6pm. When you own and operate a business you must be there to oversee and take charge. I wasn’t, so I became my own worst enemy. In 1991, I started teaching morning classes for William Cheung at his Flinders St school, which was opposite Flinders St Railway Station. I decided to sell my courier business, and by early 1991 I had succeeded. In 1993, a Qigong Master walked into our school from China and stayed for the next 10 years. During that time, I studied with him for 9 years, learning all the principles and concepts of martial arts that were missing in my early training. Now, was the time to devout my entire life to wing chun kung fu and become a professional Instructor. I studied wing chun kung fu and qigong fulltime and by end of 1995 I graduated to status of Wing Chun Instructor. In January 1996 I opened a full time wing chun kung fu school in Greensborough. In 1996, my wife and I opened up a second school in the CBD of Melbourne. My wife and I have been teaching wing chun and qigong 6 days per week at two schools since then. In 2005, the Federal and State Governments regulated the martial arts industry. This meant that after all the years of training in your particular martial arts, Instructors now required to become qualified under the Nationally recognised training system and gain certificates in Martial Arts Sports Coaching. At 56 years of age, I acquired my Diploma in Martial Arts sports coaching and sports development.
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